10 Feet 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented

The user-friendly crank and auto-tilt system simplify operation, allowing you to adjust the tilt effortlessly for maximum shade throughout the day. Crafted with a heavy-duty aluminum pole and ribs, this umbrella ensures long-lasting durability without rusting. The waterproof and breathable fabric offers protection from both sun and rain, making it versatile in any setting.

Choose from a range of vibrant colors to complement your outdoor decor. With easy assembly and multifunctional use, this 3 Tier Patio Umbrella is the perfect addition to your patio, garden, balcony, or deck.



Versatile Design

Designed for both commercial and residential spaces, this umbrella finds its place in a variety of settings. Whether you’re enhancing your patio, garden, balcony, or deck, it complements any outdoor area. Plus, it can be used with a base or inserted into a table, giving you flexibility in its placement. The included strap keeps it securely closed and ready for the next use, making it a versatile and convenient addition to your outdoor setup.


All-Weather Protection

The heavy-duty fabric of this 3 Tier Patio Umbrella ensures not only superior shade but also reliable rain protection. Its waterproof and breathable material keeps you dry during sudden showers while offering effective UV protection, safeguarding you from harmful sun rays.


User-Friendly Operation

With a built-in crank and an innovative auto-tilt system, adjusting this patio umbrella is a breeze. The crank operation makes opening and closing the umbrella effortless, while the auto-tilt feature allows you to customize the angle with ease, providing maximum shade and comfort.


Application:Outdoor, Courtyard, Garden, Beach, Seaside
Main material:Aluminum & Polyester
Overall size:10 ft x 8ft (W x H)
Pole diameter:1.5″
Net weight:14 lbs
OEM:100pcs Custom Logo

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-use reverse folding design, 

this umbrella can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Why IgerEnjoy?

Unmatched Expertise: With 14 years of specialized experience in manufacturing and distributing patio umbrellas, IgerEnjoy brings a wealth of knowledge and industry know-how to the table. Our long-standing commitment to excellence ensures that you’re partnering with a trusted expert in the field.

Innovative Design: Our 3 Tier Patio Umbrella is a testament to our dedication to product innovation. The inclusion of dual wind vents, an easy-to-use auto-tilt system, and premium materials like aluminum and polyester demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge, user-friendly products that stand out in the market.

Global Reach and Clientele: IgerEnjoy has a strong global presence and a diverse clientele, serving countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our expansive international footprint is a testament to our ability to meet the unique needs and preferences of customers across the world. When you choose us, you’re aligning your business with a globally recognized brand.


1.one-Stop service from the beginning of a project to the end;
2. Match products with your specific needs;
3. Designing (Conceptual Drawing,Mold Making,Product Design, Packing design and so on);
4.Always find for new ways to better serve our customers

Sample without logo:1-3 day for production;
Sample with custom logo: 3-7 days for production


Price quotation within 2 hours after getting your inquiry at working time Samples available within 5 days In process quality control Free sticker & taping Fast productions and delivery.

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