Beech Wood Enchantment Pagoda Umbrella with tassels

Discover high-quality Pagoda Umbrellas by IgerEnjoy, a trusted Chinese supplier with 14 years of expertise. Our umbrellas feature plastic runners, fiberglass ribs, customizable sections, cotton polyester tassels, and beech wood caps. Perfect for wholesalers and retailers abroad.



Customizable Sections

Tailor your umbrella to your preferences with our customizable middle sections, providing you with a range of options to suit your unique style.


Elegant Tassel Design

The polyester cotton tassel offers a graceful, natural draping effect, enhancing the overall beauty of your umbrella and outdoor space.


Tough Fiberglass Ribs

Crafted from fiberglass, the umbrella bones boast superior toughness, rust-resistance, and longevity compared to traditional materials, reducing the risk of breakage.


Application:Outdoor, Courtyard, Garden, Beach, Seaside
Pole Material:Wood, Wooden Pole Beech/Ash
Umbrella Radii:0.9m
Material:UV30+ premium fade resistant fabric
Tilt:Aluminum connection/Nylon
Ribs:8 Steel /fiberglass Ribs
Design:Carry bag with strap
OEM:100pcs Custom Logo

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-use reverse folding design, 

this umbrella can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Customer Reviews

Your recognition is the greatest motivation

for us to move forward!

Isabella/ from Spain

“IgerEnjoy’s Pagoda umbrellas have become synonymous with our signature outdoor affairs. The elegance they bring to our spaces is unparalleled, capturing the attention and admiration of every guest. Their presence has transformed ordinary events into extraordinary experiences, setting us apart in a competitive industry.”

Charlotte / from Sweden

“IgerEnjoy’s Pagoda Umbrellas, crafted with fiberglass ribs and beech wood caps, encapsulate timeless luxury. The durability and aesthetics of these umbrellas have made them enduring investments, enhancing the ambiance of our venues while exemplifying our commitment to sophistication.”

Samuel / from Poland

” IgerEnjoy’s Pagoda Umbrellas have proven to be reliable allies in our outdoor endeavors. Their ability to withstand varying weather conditions has saved us from potential disruptions and maintained a comfortable atmosphere for our clientele. These umbrellas are not just accessories; they are essential components of our service excellence.”


1.one-Stop service from the beginning of a project to the end;
2. Match products with your specific needs;
3. Designing (Conceptual Drawing,Mold Making,Product Design, Packing design and so on);
4.Always find for new ways to better serve our customers

Sample without logo:1-3 day for production;
Sample with custom logo: 3-7 days for production


Price quotation within 2 hours after getting your inquiry at working time Samples available within 5 days In process quality control Free sticker & taping Fast productions and delivery.

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