Straw Tiki Umbrella with Natural Raffia

Experience the allure of our Straw Tiki Umbrella with a natural raffia canopy, a captivating addition to any outdoor setting. Crafted with care, this stylish umbrella seamlessly blends functionality with tropical elegance.
Whether it’s a sun-soaked beach day or a tranquil gathering in your backyard, this umbrella offers cool respite and reliable protection.Its adjustable height and innovative tilted design ensure optimal shade coverage throughout the day. 
Unleash your inner island spirit with our Straw Tiki Umbrella, harmonizing aesthetics and functionality to bring a touch of paradise to your outdoor retreat.Delight in the cool shade it offers and elevate your relaxation experience to new heights.



Straw umbrella canopy

The canopy of the umbrella is made of straw material, which gives it a unique and stylish appearance.


32mm Pole with 90° tilt

The umbrella has a pole with a diameter of 32mm, and it is designed to tilt up to 90 degrees. This allows you to adjust the angle of the canopy to provide maximum protection from the sun throughout the day.


Sturdy and durable

The umbrella features a heavy-duty pole and eight steel ribs, ensuring stability and keeping the umbrella in place even during windy conditions.


Application:Outdoor, Courtyard, Garden,Beach, Seaside
Pole Material:Iron
Umbrella Radii:90cm
Fabric:170T Polyester
Frame:Steel Wire
Color:Customized Color
OEM:Normally 500 (depends on your design and materials requirements)

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-use reverse folding design, 

this umbrella can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Why IgerEnjoy?

Captivating Aesthetics and Craftsmanship:IgerEnjoy’s commitment to captivating design and meticulous craftsmanship is evident in products like the Straw Tiki Umbrella, seamlessly blending functionality with tropical elegance for a visually appealing outdoor addition.

Versatile Functionality for Varied Settings:IgerEnjoy’s Straw Tiki Umbrella caters to diverse settings, from sun-soaked beach days to tranquil backyard gatherings. The brand’s commitment to versatile functionality ensures its products enhance various outdoor experiences.

Innovative Design for Optimal Shade:The adjustable height and innovative tilted design of IgerEnjoy’s Straw Tiki Umbrella showcase the brand’s dedication to innovation, ensuring optimal shade coverage throughout the day, adapting to different sunlight angles.

Harmonizing Aesthetics and Functionality:IgerEnjoy consistently harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, as seen in the Straw Tiki Umbrella. The brand strives to bring a touch of paradise to outdoor retreats, enriching the overall experience with both style and practicality.

Elevated Relaxation Experience:IgerEnjoy’s Straw Tiki Umbrella isn’t just about shade; it’s about elevating the relaxation experience. The brand understands the importance of creating products that enhance moments of leisure, delivering a sense of paradise to outdoor spaces.



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3. Designing (Conceptual Drawing,Mold Making,Product Design, Packing design and so on);
4.Always find for new ways to better serve our customers

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Sample with custom logo: 3-7 days for production


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