Outdoor Pool Large Vintage Scalloped Edge Patio Umbrellas

Discover the charm of our Custom Outdoor Pool Large Vintage Scalloped Edge Patio Umbrellas from IgerEnjoy. Crafted with premium aluminum and solution-dyed acrylic, these umbrellas boast a unique scalloped edge that enhances airflow while adding a touch of vintage elegance. Perfect for any garden, patio, or poolside, they feature advanced fade and weather resistance, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality. Custom colors and logos are available, making each piece uniquely yours.



Elegant Design

Features a distinctive scalloped edge that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves airflow, reducing wind impact and providing a cooler shade area.


Advanced Functionality

Equipped with a classic crank operation and an auto-tilt mechanism, allowing easy adjustment of the shade angle with minimal effort.


Customizable Options

Offers the ability to customize colors and incorporate a personalized logo, catering to specific branding needs and aesthetic preferences.


General Use:Outdoor Furniture
Pole Material :Aluminum
Umbrella Radii: 135cm
Brand Name :Igerenjoy
Material: Solution-Dyed Acrylic
Vented canopy:Allows hot air to circulate
Frame:Aluminum Frame
Color:Customized Colors
Logo:Accept Customized Logo

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-use reverse folding design, 

this umbrella can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Why IgerEnjoy?

Extensive Experience: With 14 years of specialization in patio products, IgerEnjoy brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the needs of international B2B clients, ensuring products are designed with professionalism and market knowledge.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: IgerEnjoy prides itself on using only the best materials like premium aluminum and solution-dyed acrylic, which are carefully selected to ensure durability and performance in outdoor settings.

Innovative Designs: Our products feature unique design elements such as the scalloped edges, which not only add visual appeal but functional benefits like improved air circulation, setting our umbrellas apart in the market.

Customization Capabilities: Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, IgerEnjoy offers extensive customization options including color choices and logo customization, allowing clients to align the products with their branding and customer preferences.


Absolutely! IgerEnjoy offers comprehensive customization options including colors, fabrics, and the addition of your brand logo through digital or screen printing, ensuring your umbrellas perfectly align with your brand identity.

Absolutely! Our umbrellas are designed with both durability and elegance in mind, making them perfect for commercial settings such as cafes, resorts, or retail environments. They provide both functional sun protection and an attractive aesthetic.

To maintain your umbrella, we recommend regular cleaning of the canopy with mild soap and water, keeping the umbrella closed when not in use, and storing it in a dry place during extreme weather conditions to prevent damage. Regular checks for any signs of wear or damage will also help extend its lifespan.

Our umbrellas are crafted with high-quality aluminum for the frame and poles, and use solution-dyed acrylic fabric for the canopy. This combination ensures durability and weather resistance.

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All orders are custom and priced according to your fabric, style and base selections.