3x3 Folding Pop Up Gazebo With Side Walls Printed Canopy

This versatile, waterproof, and durable canopy tent is perfect for outdoor trade shows. Available in multiple sizes (2.8/3.5/4.5/5.5M) and customizable with printed designs, it meets various needs. The gazebo features high-quality fiberglass and aluminum materials, providing stability and longevity. Accessories like spike, cross base, and square base are included. Ideal for B2B clients, it offers easy setup and portability with a convenient drawstring bag. Contact us for more details and customization options.



Portable and Easy Setup

Lightweight design with a convenient drawstring bag allows for effortless transportation and quick setup, making it ideal for trade shows and outdoor events.


Customizable Sizes

Available in various sizes (2.8/3.5/4.5/5.5M) to suit different requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for various occasions and spaces.


Comprehensive Accessories

Includes essential accessories like spike, cross base, and square base, providing stability and versatility for various terrains and setups.


Size: Customizable in 2.8/3.5/4.5/5.5M or as per requirement.

Flagpole Material: Fiberglass+Aluminum / Full Fiberglass.

Packing: Comes with a drawstring bag for easy carrying.

Flag Banner: Not included, available for separate purchase as needed.

Accessories: Includes Spike/Cross Base/Square Base for stability.

Shape: Choose between Feather/Teardrop shapes.

Easy To Use

With its easy-to-use reverse folding design, 

this umbrella can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Why IgerEnjoy?

15 Years of Expertise: With over 15 years of experience in the industry, IgerEnjoy provides professional and reliable courtyard series products, ensuring high quality and exceptional performance for all our clients.

Customizable Solutions: IgerEnjoy offers a wide range of customizable options, from sizes and shapes to printed designs, allowing you to tailor products to your specific needs and enhance your brand presence.

High-Quality Materials: Our products are made from premium materials like fiberglass and aluminum, ensuring durability, stability, and long-lasting use even in various weather conditions.

Dedicated B2B Focus: We specialize in serving B2B clients, including wholesalers, brand retailers, and supermarkets, understanding their unique requirements and providing solutions that support their business growth.

Comprehensive Customer Support: IgerEnjoy prides itself on excellent customer service, offering fast sample times (within 24 hours) and responsive support to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for our clients.


Our Pop Up Gazebos are available in multiple sizes, including 2.8M, 3.5M, 4.5M, and 5.5M. Custom sizes can also be arranged to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we offer customizable printing options for the canopy tent. You can add your brand logo or any other design to enhance visibility and create a personalized look.

The gazebo is constructed using high-quality materials such as fiberglass and aluminum, ensuring durability, stability, and resistance to various weather conditions.

Our gazebos come with essential accessories including spike bases, cross bases, and square bases, providing stability and versatility for different terrains and setups.

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